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AU191 Permanent Residence (Skilled Regional) 191 visa

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This skilled regional visa is designed to allow people on a provisional 491 or 494 visa to become permanent residents of Australia indefinitely.

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191 visa is a permanent residence visa in Australia. 191 visa is also a pathway for 491 visa holders.

In late 2022, Subclass 191 visa is being introduced. It’s a way for existing regional provisional visas to get residency and a pathway to Australian citizenship.

This skilled regional visa is designed to allow people on a provisional 491 or 494 visa to become permanent residents of Australia indefinitely. It, at this point, does not start until 16 November 2022, so not all details are finalized yet. But there are some things that are known for sure.

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Why lodge your 191 visa with SSA Migration Consultancy?

Over the years since we began working with skilled overseas workers on helping them acquire the visas, they need to come and work in Australia; we have grown into one of the most trusted names in the business. With a team of highly qualified and experienced migration agents, each of them fully registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority, we are able to guarantee our clients that they are working with the very best the industry has to offer.

On our website SSA Migration Consultancy (Australia), you will find lots of useful tools and information to help you determine whether the Small Business Owner Visa Subclass 491 is the right option for you – and crucially, how to go about making a solid application that is likely to be accepted by the immigration authorities.

About 191 Visa

This visa is perfect for you if you have been in Australia for at least three years on a provisional regional visa. This is either the 491 or 494 visa. This 191 visa converts you from the fixed term provisional visa to becoming a permanent resident of Australia.

It gives you the ability to work or study anywhere in Australia, you’re no longer restricted to regional ‘in-demand’ areas. There is a travel component that allows you to travel to and from Australia as much as required in the first five years.

This visa means you can enroll in Medicare, sponsor your family to join you in Australia, and possibly apply for Australian citizenship.

This new visa replaces 187 and 489 as of November 16, 2019. There will be a bridging transitional visa between 2019 and 2022.

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Processing time

This visa is processed on a case-by-case basis. As a result, individual processing times vary. To ensure the quickest possible processing time, make sure your application includes all relevant documents, and that you respond immediately to any requests for more information.

The processing time also depends on how quickly the required checks are carried out and how long it takes external agencies to respond.


At this stage, fees are unknown. There will be a base charge for the main applicant and a charge for every family member with you. There could be a larger cost for those family members who don’t have functional English.

Documents required: It’s unsure at this point which documents will be required. They may, or may not, require:

  • an updated recent English competency certificate

  • proof of good character

  • proof of industry body registration or skill in the role

  • proof of ID, such as birth certificate, passport, national identity card

  • proof of name change and marriage certificate, if relevant

  • a copy of a signed Australian values statement

  • proof of continued good health

  • partner and dependent documents

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