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What to expect for Australian Skilled Migration in FY2023-24 ?

Published 29 Aug 2023 / Updated 29 Aug 2023

What to expect for Australian Skilled Migration in FY2023-24 ?

Key Highlights

  • FY2023-24 Skilled Migration Program is now open and state nomination allocation has been released for Subclass 190 and 491 state sponsored visas.
  • The state sponsored Subclass 190 and 491 allocation has been reduced by around 75% compared to FY2022-23 program.
  • The total allocation for FY2023-24 for Subclass 190 and 491 is 10,300 and 6,400 respectively, compared to total allocation for FY2022-23 for Subclass 190 and 491 being 38,133 and 24,283 respectively.
  • The scope and extent of the negative impact on Subclass 189 allocation for FY2023-24 is unclear at this stage.
  • DHA has indicated the huge visa backlog for Subclass 189, 190 and 491 to be the primary reason behind these allocation cuts.

Status of State Nomination Programs

  • ACT: state nomination matrix submissions are now open, but the state had a round in July 2023 and therefore, has already used up nearly 75% of its Subclass 190 and nearly 60% of its Subclass 491 allocation for FY2023-24.
  • NSW: has indicated that new rounds may commence towards the end of September 2023.
  • NT: has temporarily closed its FY2023-24 state nomination program, no new applications are being accepted.
  • QLD: state nomination program is expected to be open soon.
  • SA: state nomination program is expected to be open soon, and the state has indicated that it will focus on the state priority sectors when issuing invites in new rounds for FY2023-24.
  • TAS: state nomination ROIs are open, but around 25% of the FY2023-24 state allocation for TAS will end up being used for issuing full invites to pending pre invites from FY2022-23. New rounds may commence in September 2023.
  • VIC: state nomination ROIs are currently closed and are expected to be open soon.
  • WA: has indicated that state nomination program rounds are expected to commence in August, however, it is likely rounds will be pushed out into September.

๐ŸŽˆImportant: it can be assumed that around 20% (rough estimate) of the state allocation for FY2023-24 is already used up in issuing full invites to pre invites carried forward from the last few months of FY2022-23. This 20% will not be available for new rounds in FY2023-24.

What can you do now ?

  • Maximise your EOI points (using NAATI, Partner Skills and higher points for Language Skills).
  • Be more receptive towards accepting 491 nomination if offered.
  • Multiple skill assessments in related occupations can provide minor benefits, however the benefits may or may not be commensurate to the time, effort and cost involved in obtaining a new skill assessment.
  • Try to find a job in your nominated or related occupation and accumulate work experience, this might align well with the new FY2023-24 (not fully released) nomination requirements for most states.
  • Relocating to WA would be a generally good idea for onshore Building and Construction occupations since they no longer required a 6 month contract for WA Subclass 190 nomination.
  • Explore Skilled Visa options for alternative destinations like Canada - you can book a consultation with us.

Looking for Guidance ?

We can help you explore your state nomination and visa options based on your profile, personal circumstances and the available visa options. If you need a thorough 1-on-1 consultation, you can make an appointment here.

Note: This post will be continuously updated as more information is available regarding the Australian Skilled Migration Program FY2023-24.

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